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Introducing Queenie, who has come to play a large part in Alexa’s life. Get to know Queenie by reading her blog in which she pontificates at will, or anyone else who’ll listen. She’s quite the character, and she’ll be the first to tell you so. Queenie is almost larger than life, but she’s merely one of us who has lived long enough to pass on what she’s learned and experienced from a lifetime full of lessons and escapades involving the heart, and other pertinent parts of the human experience. And not just living, but living as a human being, a human simply being herself, as should we all. Stay tuned for the further adventures, in which Queenie will describe the ongoing events that entertain or enlighten her royal self.

Queenie has written a book in collaboration with Alexa, offering up her take on some of those life lessons that we all share. Queenie’s words and Alexa’s photographic images make for a wonderful and inspiring little book that is a special gift for those who might need a bit of cheering on, compassion, or even a laugh – and that might just be you.

Quotes from Queenie

There are 18 beautiful images in the book, along with accompanying words of wisdom. The book measures 8” tall by 9” wide closed, and open is 8” by 18”.

Quotes from Queenie – Well Earned Words of Wisdom to Enlighten and Amuse… and some fairly fabulous photographs is printed and available now.

Available now
for $25 including
tax and shipping.

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