Card Sets

Greeting Card Collections

Help revive and preserve the dying art of letter writing! You know how good you feel when you get something in the mail besides bills and credit card offers. Send a special message to someone inside one of these beautiful note cards, adorned with a real photograph, suitable for framing. Use them for that special touch with your gift giving, or to convey your heartfelt thoughts. They’ll love you for it. These sets of cards also make wonderful gifts, and there are many themes which are the perfect choice for different personalities. Do they love rocks? Got you covered. What about old trucks? Again, we have them. Special places? Grand Canyon, Big Bend, Lake Powell — the list goes on. Each card also has a story on the back, telling about the adventure I had taking the photograph or some interesting facts about the subject. And all the cards and envelopes are a special earth-toned paper which enhances the photographs, and makes them stand out from other less imaginative offerings. Six different images are included in each set, packaged in a clear gift box, and priced at $20.00. Make someone happy today. Send them a card!